Re: Ibis

Rebecca Fagan Coulter

On Wednesday 9/8 at about 5:30 pm, Betsy Moles and I saw an ibis feeding in the
same area on Atascadero Creek (near the s-curve) with one Snowy Egret. I didn't
notice any white tufts on the head, but could see a very faint eye marking, though
it was barely visible. The two birds stuck together, moving up and down the creek
feeding. I would say White-faced Ibis; according to Peterson, immature and winter
adults lack bright eye mark, and winter adults often have white speckling about
the head.

Rebecca Coulter

William Murdoch wrote:

At about 4:30 today, Fri, an ibis sitting with 2 snowy egrets on the
telephone wire above the creek at the end of Walnut Lane. 20 mins later
circled over the S-bend in the creek along with (presumably the same) 2 egrets.

It had 2 small white patches/tufts on its head. Does this tell you anything
about id? Presumably it is wh-faced, but I can't tell.

Bill Murdoch

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