Willow Flycatcher


Hi All, This morning Cher, Terry and I went back to Montecito to let
Terry get a look at the Dipper. We found the juvenile calling and
working the creek above and below the swimming hole. On the fire road
on the way back to the parking area we found a Willow Flycatcher
calling "whit/weet". He was not singing, however. To locate the spot
from the parking area, hike up the fire road through the 2nd chain link
gate. Watch for the fire road to branch off on the right side of the
road forming a sharp u-turn (a "Y" in the road) up the hill. (To get
to the Dipper you would continue straight on up the road parellel to
the creek, but this is a good landmark for the flycatcher.) At that
junction, we saw the bird feeding in a dead tree with some horizontal
branches directly across the creek. He was busily feeding and easy to
spot at about 1130 this morning.
Becky Hoban

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