White-faced Ibis

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Hello SBCo birders,

I received a phone call from a casual birding acquaintance who informs me that there are up to five White-faced Ibis in a pool of water where Tepusquet Rd. (pronounced Tep-us-cay) crosses the Sisquoc River bed east of Santa Maria. This is east of SM near the towns of Gary/Sisquoc (Byron Vineyards area). They have been present for about one week now. I haven't checked this out myself but I wouldn't doubt it. She said there are occasionally other shorebirds around this pool. I mention this because this spot borders what would be considered "inland" where I believe records are scarce for this species, so perhaps of some interest.

From 101 take Betteravia Rd. east toward the bustling metropolises of Gary/Sisquoc, but turn left at Santa Maria Mesa Rd. where it Y's before reaching Gary. Continue east until you dead end into Tepusquet Rd. Go right, down into the river (dirt road) to where the pool is. She also mentioned a couple of Golden Eagles have been in the vicinity recently too.

Jamie Chavez

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