Sunday birds

brad hines <bkhnca@...>

Hi all,      This morning I birded the VAFB Ponds. As indicated by the posting yesterday, the activity has increased.  Short on time, I was able to see the following:  1 imm. Red- eyed Vireo very close-up, 4 Western Tanagers, no less than 4 Black-Throated Gray Warblers, 1 Hermit Warbler, many Townsend's and Yellow's, a few Warbling Vireos, 2 Black- Headed Grosbeaks, and many more birds than I could see. I didn't see any Flycatchers or the B&W Wa seen yesterday. Also, Ocean Pk. continues to have 1-3 Pectoral and 1-2 Bairds Sandpipers along with many peeps. } BRAD }

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