Prothonotary Warbler at El Cap

Dave Compton <DCompton@...>

At about 10 this morning I briefly had a male Prothonotary Warbler at El
Capitan State Park, in a small willow above where the creek spills out from
the culvert that runs under 101 and the railroad tracks. There are several
ways to access this spot. The best is probably by walking from the kiosk
back toward the creek and then following up creek to the culvert. You'll
need to walk in the creek a bit going this way, but there are plenty of
rocks to step on and you don't need boots. You can also follow the path that
leads in from the road and is nearest 101 and the railroad. If you go this
way, you have to dodge a lot of poison oak. You could also get into the
creek from the campground, but you'd have to walk through someone's

As I said, I had the bird only briefly (about ten seconds), before I lost it
in the oak. It might have slipped out the back of the tree and followed a
small flock of birds (Bushtits, Warbling Vireos, Orange-Crowns, and a Yellow
Warbler) into the campground or back down creek.

Dave Compton

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