Where to go?

James Eaton <J.A.Eaton@...>

Thanks for the response,
My plan is to:
arrive 26th august at San Fransisco then to Lee Vinning spend 3 days
at Yosemite/Mono lake area, then to Kern, Galileo, San Bernadino,
each for 1 day, Salton Sea - 2 days, orange and venture, 1 day each,
then slowly up to monterey then 1 day at monterey, then the 2
pelagics, and a final day (11 sep)around Pt reyes/bodega Bay

The birds that I have heard that could be hard to find/ or not many
reliable sites for are :
Owls(ie Great grey,Spotted,Pygmy,burrowing)
Sage Grouse
Inca Dove
Black Swifts
Costas Hummer
Lewis's/Gila/W-h Woodpeckers
Vermillion Fly
CA gnatcatcher
All thrashers (except CA)
Hermit/Lucy's/B-t grey Warblers
Lawrences Goldfinch
Rosy Finch
also photo chances of shorebirds/Elegant Tern I have The Kemper
Birding Northern CA, and Shram Birders guide to Southern CA, any info
would be greatfully recieved, please e-mail me on


James Eaton

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