White-faced IBis

Florence Sanchez <sanchez@...>

AT noon yesterday, the UCSB overlook area of the Goleta Slough contained
about 40 Snowy Egrets, 10-12 Great Egrets, and one immature White-faced
Ibis. The Ibis was near the western end of the area, closer to the fire
station, and tended to feed in or right next to the clumps of exposed
vegetation. It could easily be missed.

The area is a little better for shorebirds, but still no exposed
mudflats. There were about a dozen Black-necked Stilts present
yesterday, along with a dozen Greater Yellowlegs and a possible Lesser
Yellowlegs (need a scope to confirm this visually, but the call is
distinctive). A scope is recommended for scanning the egrets closely
and for better shorebird identification.

I would recommend checking this area regularly from now on, for juvenile
shorebirds and possible vagrant waders up the might ciome north from
Baja California in post-breeding dispersal.


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