Yellow-rumped Warbler

Gene Lynch <grlynch@...>

I'll take a few minutes off from painting the eaves of the house to post
this sighting from behind the paint roller.
This morning about 8:30 AM, while painting and listening to the Starlings
whistle (yes, I can hear them whistle, for those who know I'm "hearing
impaired"), and when I glanced up to the short-wave antenna of the neighbors
there was a different shape, so, as much as I love painting (?), I raced for
the lenses and brought them to bear on a Yellow-rumped Warbler. Very washed
out coloring, but the faint stripes on the breast/side were visible with a
wash of yellow, throat a dirty color, and the rump definitely yellow. Wing
bars faint.
Eye ring faint.
I haven't checked Lehman for dates, but I thought it unusual for August. For
those who want to try to find this particular bird, bring a brush and a
Gene Lynch

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