Re: Yellow-rumped Warbler

Jamie M Chavez <jcwings@...>


Not to be outdone by Gene, I also had a flyover Yellow-rumped Warbler
this morning at about 9:30 while working on a rooftop in Santa Maria
(competition over Yellow-rumped Warblers?). Working on rooftop air
conditioning equipment has its advantages (watching birds at eye level
in surrounding trees or flying by) and its disadvantages (cold, heat,
wind and rain). Unlike Gene, I never saw mine but heard the flight call
followed by those ubiquitous "chips" synonymous with yellow-rumps in
winter. I was surprised to hear this and suspected this was very early
for a fall migrant so I've looked it up. Paul mentions early fall
migrants arriving along the coast in early September. At the time of
publication of his book there were no records for August, as Gene has
suspected. But remember, these birds do breed in the county in
coniferous forest on the highest peaks so wandering birds are not out of
the question. I imagine most of them are still up there. There were
other birds on the move today. I heard a few Yellow Warblers going by
and a sparrow sp. call (Savannah possibly) so things are definitely

Jamie Chavez
Santa Maria

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