Devereux & UCSB Area K overlook Sunday


Hi All,

Devereux slough had about 100 Black-bellied Plovers and there were another
200 a mile up the beach near the Bacara Resort. About 120 Snowy Plovers were
at the Devereux slough mouth and another 20 were on the beach between
Devereux and Bacara. Of most interest to me were the 17 Least Terns resting
and feeding at the slough mouth all morning at least till 2PM. 9 of those
were juveniles. There were about 60 Semi-Palmated Plovers between Devereux
and Bacara.

Area K below the UCSB Firestation overlook is drying up and providing great
opportunities for shorebird and heron watching. This morning there were 85
Snowy Egrets, 15 Great Egrets, 5 Great Blue Herons, about 40 Black-necked
Stilts and 40+ Greater Yellowlegs. It's uplifting to see them milling about
in a large mixed flock. The habitat is starting to look great for Ruff if one
drops by.

Regards, Ron Hirst

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