UCSB Overlook

Florence Sanchez <sanchez@...>

At noon today, the usual egret convention was present, this time more
concentrated toward the east end of the overlook. With the egrets was
one White-faced Ibis. This was not the immature bird seen last week;
rather, it is an adult. It still can be very difficult to see as it
feeds in and immediately around the vegetation.

Shorebirds continue to increase. With the Stilts and Greater Yellowlegs
near the eastern end was a small flock of Dowitchers (D. species without
a scope or identifying calls). At the western end, there were fewer
birds, but of an interesting variety. To the above, add 1 Lesser
Yellowlegs, 1 Wilson's Phalarope, a few small sandpipers (probably Least
Sandpiper from their coloring), 1 Kildeer, and a possible Solitary
Sandpiper at the back of the wet area. Patrick McNulty arrived with
scope as I had to leave and was off to check the shorebirds for better

This is a great spot right now, but a scope is definitely needed to
identify the shorebirds.

Florence Sanchez

PS Red Breasted Nuthatches are beeping in the pine trees in the Ellison
Hall courtyard outside my window as I write this.

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