Bobos & a Black-and-White

Joan E. Lentz <jelentz@...>

Hi Birders! Hope all of you are getting out & birding coastal creeks &
other migrant traps as this weather is perfect for fall vagrant chasing.
This a.m. on Atascadero Crk in Goleta I had 3 Bobolinks at the bend in the
creek (about 100 yds. east of where Walnut Ave. deadends into the bikepath)
& several Blue Grosbeaks, Laz Buntings, Savannah Sparrows & a Lincoln's.
About 50 yds. downcreek from the So. Patterson Ave. bridge over Atascadero
Crk, I had a Black-and-white Warbler in a large flocks of bushtits &
warblers. It's necessary to get in the creekbed to bird this stretch, but
there were several good bushtit/warbler flocks, altho I couldn't find
anything else. Joan Lentz

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