Sunday in Goleta.........

Kathleen L. Whitney <kwhit@...>

Rob Hamilton and I birded the Glen Annie Golfcourse this morning and found
an Indigo Bunting. Winter birds are beginning to appear; Lincoln's Sparrow
and White-crowned Sparrow have both returned. We also had Say's Phoebe and
Cedar Waxwings.

The really happening spot was Lake Los Carneros - at
one point the trees near Stowe House were literally vibrating with birds,
mostly bushtits, Warbling Vireos, and Western Tanagers but also a Hermit
Warbler and at least one very interesting Dendroica warbler that got away.
This bird had a yellow belly (seemed more extensively yellow than
Townsend's) with heavy black streaking. The face of this elusive bird was
not seen. The dying eucs near the parking lot also had plenty of action -
Rob turned up a Nashville Warbler there. Good birding everyone!

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