Re: More Ibis

Peter Gaede

It appears to be shaping up to be a pretty good fall for this species,
at least here in our area. There's been a flock of 12+ hanging around
Carpinteria too (possibly the same bunch) since early this month, with
the first individual showing up on 8/20. On 9/14, I saw a flock of 26
fly over and set down in the Carpinteria Salt Marsh.

Peter Gaede
Santa Barbara

On Sep 21, 2009, at 5:23 PM, Noah wrote:


I had a largish flock of ibis flyover near De La Vina and Quinto
around noon. Maybe a dozen birds! A new one for my work list and the
largest flock of ibis I have seen in SB county.

Noah Gaines
Santa Barbara CA

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