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Ken Hollinga and I birded the various shorebird spots in the Santa Maria Valley today:

SM Sewage Ponds:
LB Dowitcher - 26, including a few apparent juveniles, although these were distant and could have been misidentified dull SBDO juvs
SB Dowitcher - 13, all juvs
Greater Yellowlegs - 52
Lesser Yellowlegs - 13
Wilson's Phalarope - 96
Avocet - 3

Some Least and Westerns around as well. None of the ponds is all that good right now habitat wise.

Guadalupe Pastures:
White-faced Ibis - 2
Very few shorebirds and lots of Peregrine disturbance. At one point the Peregrine caught a medium-sized shorebird.

SM River Estuary:
This is very full. Birds were along the sand bar at the mouth. Lots of Peregrine disturbance here with probably 2 different birds involved.

Avocet - 8
Short-billed Dowitcher - 3 juv
Pectoral Sandpiper - 2 juv
Least, Westerns, LB Curlews, Marbled Godwits etc

Common Tern - 1 1W
Royal Tern - 2
Elegant Tern - 2


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