Possible Santa Maria stint

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Yesterday at the SMRE, Ken Hollinga and I spent some time watching a peep in the Western Sandpiper flock there that was very short-billed for a Western and generally brighter-plumaged (gingery wash to edges of the wing-coverst & tertials etc.). Although we definitely considered Little Stint, we decided that it was probably just an odd Western. On returning home, I saw a post by Matt Sadowski of a bird he had photographed in San Diego that was very similar in many aspects to our bird. Matt's excellent photos clearly showed a lack of palmations. It was hard to see the feet of our bird as it was in water almost all the time. I thought it had palmations but could not be sure.

I think it's distinctly possible (but not very probable) our bird could be a stint and would be grateful if anyone with a camera could get out there and photograph the bird. I don't have a camera and cannot get back up to the SMRE until Sunday. If still present, the bird should be fairly easy to relocate. The river mouth is totally full and all the birds are concentrated at the sand bar by the mouth. There were perhaps about a 100 peeps there. Given the trickiness of stint id, I don't think it is worth going to see the bird without a camera or digiscoping gear to get details we can study in detail.


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