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I think that the weather has been really bad. This low fog is the worst possible conditions. Birds can easily see the mountains (probably on the islands too) but not the actual coast. If they penetrate the fog to the see they only have to fly 200 ft back up and head off to the mountains. We need the fog/low cloud to start at about 3-800 ft and go up to 2000+ ft.

I think we may be better off checking Kinevan in these conditions as suitable spots on hill tops concentrate migrants elsewhere. It's also been a late breeding season so that may be delaying things.


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Today, I took advantage of a half day at work and birded many spots along the south coast in the afternoon. As Hugh notes, migrants are few and far between.

Gaviota: About 7 YELLOW WARBLER, 1 WESTERN TANAGER, 1 WESTERN WOOD-PEWEE, several COMMON YELLOWTHROAT, 1 orestera ORANGE-CROWNED WARBLER, 3 BLUE-GRAY GNATCATCHERS, 2 selasphorus hummingbirds, and 2 BLACK-NECKED STILTS. A LOGGERHEAD SHRIKE was interesting. I don't know if it is a resident, migrant or wintering bird. The RUFOUS-CROWNED WARBLERS are pretty easy to find at the start of the road down to the fennel.



The vulture roost near the Bacara did NOT have a black vulture but birds were still flying in when I left.

Winchester Canyon: A mixed flock of kids, soccer balls, and barking dogs.

Ellwood Mesa: an ORANGE-CROWNED WARBLER and a bunch of selasphorus hummingbirds at the Car Wash.

Earlier in the week, I checked:

Berkeley Bike Bridge: Like Hugh, turned up a few TOWNSEND'S WARBLERS.

Atascadero Creek near Patterson: 3 YELLOW WARBLER, 1 WILSON'S WARBLER, 1 WARBLING VIREO.

Atascadero Creek at Walnut: nada.

Hopefully we get a push of birds soon.

Noah Gaines
Santa Barbara, CA

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