Sat Pelagic trip

Lethaby, Nick <nlethaby@...>


Here is a quick summary of what I saw on Saturday's pelagic trip. To avoid high winds we birded from Santa Rosa W to Santa Barbara Island. As a result we were in better areas for storm petrels but worse for some other species.

The highlights were 4 species of storm-petrels, including a single Fork-tailed Storm Petrel (VEN) and easily 8+ Least (SBA and VEN). Shearwaters were practically none existence with only about a dozen Sooties and Pink-foots seen.

We also had excellent looks at South Polar Skua (3) and an adult Long-tailed Jaeger (one of about 8+ of this species) and a number of Pomarines. Very few terns and a couple of very distant Sabine's Gulls were seen. A few Cassin's Auklets were the only alcids.

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