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I spent Fri-Sun out on SB Island since the light Santa Ana winds generally bring some interesting interior West migrants out there along with the odd eastern vagrant. The birding was pretty tough sledding in the 80-85 degree heat (no shade out there) and the Sunday had surprisingly few birds. Probably the best bird for me was a Blackburnian Warbler, with a Redstart being the only other E. warbler. There was the usual sparrow fest with just about conceivable species without anything actually rare. The best were 7 GT Towhees, 4 Brewer's, 1 Clay-colored, 4+ Chipping, 2 each of Lark and Vesper, 2+ TB Fox, a Black-chinned, and a Large-billed Savannah (I think this last one may an individual that winters there as it's always in the same spot). Other nice western migrants were 7 Burrowing Owls, 2 Sage Thrashers, a Blue Grosbeak, a Mac Warbler, and 3 Gray and a single Dusky Flycatcher.

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