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I think we may have some kind of montane year as there are a number of RB Nuthatches around too, at least in other counties.


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Greetings! While planting shrubs this evening, I heard the unmistakable call of a PINE SISKIN 'zipping' from the ravine. He soon came into the feeders, along with the multitudes of Lesser Goldfinches. I hope he lingers, the Lawrence's Goldfinch I saw stayed perhaps five minutes total... I have decent pics of both Birds, thus no more laments about the cost of niger seed!

We saw our yard first Yellow-rumped Warbler, a winter-plumaged bird, on Sunday. It was 102.5F! Winter Bird indeed..? White-crowned Sparrows now number about 11-13. Not many migrants at all, even the days preceding the heatwave when it was all fog and gloom below. I'm hoping for a few more Warblers before the Gulls at the harbor beckon...

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"If it walks like a Duck, and quacks like a Duck; it may yet be
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