Carpinteria birds, etc.

Peter Gaede

S.B. Birders --

Tony Leukering and I stopped by the Carpinteria Salt Marsh Reserve late morning today and found the continuing EASTERN PHOEBE foraging from the fence line south of the railroad tracks at the marsh boundary. This is the same location that the bird has been seen since it was first found late November. There was also a VESPER SPARROW near the gate entrance to the marsh at the end of Estero Way, and a lone BRANT was seen out in the middle of the marsh towards Sand Point Road.

We then went to the end of Ash Ave and seawatched from the sand berm there. Two PARASITIC JAEGERS were seen just offshore after just a few minutes of searching. This stretch of nearshore water, including the estuary mouth, is a preferred foraging area for Forster's terns, and it's a great place to see jaegers chasing them relatively close to shore.

Yesterday afternoon (1/02), we checked the gull flocks at both the Mission Creek outflow and Goleta Beach. We found a total of 4 THAYER'S GULLS: one at Mission Creek; three at Goleta Beach, all first-cycle birds. Both LONG-TAILED DUCKS continued in the harbor, swimming next to each other near the bait receiver.

Peter Gaede
Santa Barbara

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