Grasshopper Sparrows

Peter Gaede

S.B. Birders --

Two Grasshopper Sparrows were singing in suitable breeding habitat three miles southwest of Orcutt today. These grasslands are located off Graciosa Road on private property. I was surprised to hear them this early in the season, but given the great shape the grasslands are in after the recent rains we've had, I guess it probably shouldn't be all that surprising.

Migrants have been very evident the last couple of days since the warming trend, and as others have noticed, a general impression of increased bird activity and migratory restlessness. I've seen several large mixed species swallow flocks numbering in the hundreds streaming by during the last few days, as well as scattered kingbirds on the move and several Rufous Hummingbirds. A Ferruginous hawk was soaring above Los Alamos on Tuesday, 3/29, near an area where two wintering birds had been present.

Peter Gaede
Santa Barbara

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