Mist netting and banding

Paloma Nieto <palomanieto@...>

Mist netting at Chorro Flats today didn't produce any rarities but we did mist net 105 birds (a record for the site).  Lots of Common yellowthroats (immatures and adults) and Song sparrows and a mixture of Wilson's warblers, Orange-crowned warblers, Black-phoebes, Bushtits, Spotted towhee, Barn swallow, Brown-headed cowbird (YUK!), Swainson's thrush and a deer that took out about 1/2 a net!

I will be mist netting at Oso Flaco and Chorro Flats through fall migration (early November).  Will be at Oso Flaco next on Friday, August 20th and Chorro Flats on Saturday, August 21st and every other week thereafter.  If anyone would like to join us to see what interesting things we catch show up between 7AM and 12 PM on any of those days (I bring breakfast - muffins usually - if anyone needs to be bribed).


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