COPR birds

Peter Gaede

S.B. Birders:

Hugh Ranson and I checked a few places around Devereux Slough this morning.

First we checked the swale near Camino Corto, where the redstart was found last week (not there; few birds). We then made our way over to the slough, and finally out to Coal Oil Point Reserve. From the bluffs at COPR, we saw 15 LEAST TERNS flying in a loose group just offshore and over the dunes -- all of which appeared to be adults. Presumed summering shorebirds present just below the point included Black-bellied plover (4), Whimbrel (16) and Willet (2). A quick scan offshore produced an adult PIGEON GUILLEMOT and a female SURF SCOTER, both seen on the water straight out from the bluffs.

Peter Gaede
Santa Barbara

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