WILSON'S PLOVER in Carpinteria

Peter Gaede

Hi All --

This morning, during a bird survey at the Carpinteria Salt Marsh Reserve (CSMR), there was a winter-plumaged adult WILSON'S PLOVER on the sand bar near the estuary mouth. It was present here during low tide from about 0945 to the time I left, around 1130 (it was still there when I left).

CSMR is part of the UCSB Reserve System and is closed to the public. There is fence around the perimeter prohibiting access to the estuary mouth where the bird was present. I am planning on visiting the marsh tomorrow morning at 0900, and will be happy to take others in who might be interested in seeing if the bird is still present. I will be at the main gate entrance at the end of Estero Way in Carpinteria, which is off of Carpinteria Ave.

Peter Gaede
Santa Barbara

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