Bird Refuge this morning

Peter Gaede

S.B. Birders --

I made a quick stop at the Andree Clark Bird Refuge this morning and easily found the Red-necked phalaropes from the parking lot seen by George Roland earlier in the week; I counted thirty-seven. In a mixed species swallow flock over the lake was one BANK SWALLOW. Both Western and Cassin's kingbirds were present, along with an Ash-throated flycatcher, and George arrived just as I was leaving to check the far west end for any additional flycatchers hanging out over there.

Most interesting to me, however, was a juvenile Sora that was seen directly across from the parking lot where the cattails begin on the east side. It came out in the open on several occasions, and I could see the fresh juv plumage, and some feathers still growing in on the head. No way to know for certain if this individual fledged locally or migrated in from another breeding location (the latter probably most likely), but interesting none-the-less.

Peter Gaede
Santa Barbara

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