[venturacobirding] Goleta this morning: Ruff, first fall White-Crowned Sparrow, etc.

Peter Gaede

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Subject: [venturacobirding] Goleta this morning: Ruff, first fall White-Crowned Sparrow, etc.
Seconding Kay's notion that perhaps a lot of birds moved through/in last night, Lake Los Carneros and Devereux Slough in Goleta were both very birdy today.

Highlights at Lake Los Carneros included a pair of White-Tailed Kites resting in a tree near the trail; my first White-Crowned Sparrows this fall; Loggerhead Shrike; Sora; and, for good measure, for the first time ever I saw a moth emerging from its cocoon!

At Coal Oil Point Reserve and Devereux Slough, highlights included: Kites; several Shrikes; Long-Billed Curlew; at least 100 Snowy Plovers; Black-Bellied (many) and Pacific Golden (two) Plovers; Kingfishers; Pied-Billed (several), Eared (couple) and Red-Necked (one) Grebes; and a few species of duck, teal (including Cinnamon) and Canada Geese.
Additional shorebirds included many Greater Yellowlegs, Dowitchers, and Dunlin, plus one distinct female Ruff! She was around the same size as the Greater Yellowlegs, a bit smaller perhaps, but fed primarily on the mud and grassy edge of the Slough instead of the water. Her size, shape, and buffy tan coloration stood out in contrast to the grayer Yellowlegs; the tail pattern in flight (black vertical center stripe surrounded by white) helped identify it as well. She was feeding on the east side of the Slough on my way up and then back down the trail.

Anyway, a fun day with good bird numbers and variety!

Kyle TePoel

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