Weekend birds

Lethaby, Nick <nlethaby@...>


On Saturday, I took advantage of a trip to Levitz in Oxnard to look for the
Harris's Sparrow in Wheeler Canyon. I found it a couple of hundred south of
the bridge with the White-crowned Sparrows. I also saw a Lewis's Woodpecker
and a Merlin here.

On Sunday, I checked La Mesa Park in Santa Barbara for the Dusky-capped
Flycatcher. It started calling about 3.20 pm and I had reasonable looks. I
also had prolonged (10 minutes) views of an immature male Summer Tanager in
the same eucalyptus grove. I found the tanager first and amazingly the
flycatcher appeared in the same binocular view after a while.

Nick Lethaby
DSP BIOS Product Manager
Texas Instruments
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