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Interesting the most reliable spots for Tricolored Blackbirds in the south
San Francisco Bay were at landfills, where we had 3-500 in winter (plus
about 30,000 gulls!). I think dumps and dairies seem to be the favored sites
for this species in winter.

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Birders can now access the tremendous gull- and blackbird- watching
opportunities at the South County Transfer Station (okay, the dump!) located
north of Calle Real between Sueno and Camino del Remedio. (It is just north
of the Sheriff's office.) Officially the address is 4430 Calle Real. But
you must call in advance of your visit and tell them what you are doing!
The phone number is 681-4345. The very best viewing spot is now okay to
visit. It is on the hillside south of and overlooking the trash transfer
area. From the road, you can climb the hillside to a ridge along the south
edge of the transfer station site. The view with a spotting scope is
excellent. On the CBC last Saturday more than 400 gulls and 70 blackbirds
were present. There were 20 Glaucous-winged Gulls, several Herring Gulls,
and 8 Tricolored Blackbird present. This is the only reliable place to see
Tricolored Blackbird in the South County.

Mark Holmgren

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