Swainson's Hawk, Yellow-breasted Chat at Lauro Cyn Res/Jesusita Trail

cedar Mathers-Winn

Hi all, sorry for late post.
Had a light morph SWAINSON'S HAWK flying west over Lauro Canyon Reservoir today at 5:50pm; I watched it for about ten minutes before it disappeared into the sun. Waited around ten minutes to see if I could spot it again, but no luck.
YELLOW-BREASTED CHAT singing on an open perch in the flat shrubby area just below and to the west of the Jesusita trailhead, about ten minutes after 6. Also present were at least two male and one female PHAINOPEPLA, and six occupied Starling nests in ACWO holes in the telephone pole at the trailhead.

Cedar Mathers-Winn
Santa Barbara

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