Re: Refugio Rd. Chat Clarification

Wes Fritz


No apologies needed, there are a couple of Chats singing in the Santa Ynez River and can be heard and seem from the Refugio Bridge. The resident and migrant birds are all in good numbers with Wilson's Warbler being the most numerous and Yellow Warblers showing well also. The Lazuli Buntings are still moving through and the Blue Grosbeaks are starting to defend territory. A few Vaux's Swifts were seen moving through, also small waves of Cliff and Tree Swallows.

Other birds of note are 5 Wilson's Phalaropes at Ocean Park today, 3 females and 2 males. The duck numbers have fallen way off with just a few N. Shovelers, Gadwalls and Cinnamon Teal, with the latter two being possible nesters. In the pool next to the parking lot had 32 Greater Yellowlegs and what looked to be a Lesser Yellowlegs. It was not seen well enough for a positive ID. 4 American Avocets were present along with 12 Black-necked Stilts, the Avocets attempted to nest last year I not sure if they were successful or not. I think the most notable birds were a Cassin's Kingbird at River Park in Lompoc and a pair of Cassin's Kingbirds about 4 miles in on Sweeny Road.

Migration is on!!! Good birding.

Wes Fritz
Solvang CA.

On Apr 29, 2012, at 6:27 PM, "rebeccacoulter" <rfcphoebe@...> wrote:

Apologies: in my post yesterday about Yellow-breasted Chat, I omitted exactly where on Refugio Rd: I meant the section of Refugio Rd SOUTH of the ridge, in the first few miles north of Hwy 101.

Rebecca Coulter
Santa Barbara

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