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A draft revision of the book THE BIRDS OF SANTA BARBARA COUNTY, CALIFORNIA by Paul Lehman is now available on-line at:


It is updated with information available through February 2012. For many years Paul has wanted to update his 1994 manuscript—a lot happens in the bird world over almost two decades! So, he began updating the book in 2010. Two years later, here are the revisions to all the species accounts, as well as to the introductory chapters dealing with Habitats and Methods. The other chapters in the 1994 book—dealing with Topography and Climate, Ornithological History, Bird Migration and the Seasons, and Changes in Habitats and Bird Populations in Santa Barbara County—have yet to be updated and so are not yet included.

The species accounts are all ‘current’ through Winter 2011-2012. Paul has attempted to not only incorporate the many individual records of interest made since April 1994, but also to update general status and distribution information for most species, as well as to discuss important historical and recent population trends. But this is still very much a ‘work in progress.’ Every time he re-reads several accounts, he still finds things to tweak. There are many holes remaining to be filled. More detail on the changing status for some species is still needed. More information on other species is warranted. The 'flow' of some accounts since being updated could be a bit more 'seamless.' He'll continue to add past records of interest as they come to his attention, and he will add future records as each future county seasonal report is compiled.

Input from the birding public is eagerly sought. If you have corrections or other information that would be valuable to include in any of the species accounts, please submit it, preferably labeled "BOSBC", to https://sbcobirding.groups.io/g/main . But recent records from the current 'season' should be sent to county compiler Dave Compton (davcompton@...). We will consider these data for all future updates. This electronic publication can be modified easily, and the plans are to do so on a regular basis.

The book is presented as a series of both pdf and Word files. At the end, there is also one large pdf of the entire manuscript. The pdf versions include line numbering, which should be used for ease in making comments. Depending on your computer, the Word files may or may not show the same line numbering.

Feel free to comment privately to Paul as well, but we encourage suggested changes to be posted publicly on the sbcobirding site, so that we can all share in this potential new information.

- Wim van Dam (Solvang, CA) on behalf of PL.

--PAUL LEHMAN (lehman.paul@...)
30 April 2012

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