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Florence Sanchez <sanchez@...>

First time this week out at noon! There are a few smaller shorebirds going through. Mostly Semi-palmated plovers: groups of 7, 12, and 20 actively working the beaches; with them 6 Sanderlings, some in breeding plumage, and a breeding Dunlin. Also found 2 Greater Yellowlegs, 3 Whimbrels, and on the rocks, 3 Black Turnstones. Only migrating seabirds found were two Pacific Loons.

In the Lagoon, there were 4 Dowitchers feeding. Looked like Long-billed going into breeding plumage; sounded like Short-billed. I give up.

Not much found in the old gym wetlands besides a female Selasphorus hummingbird. However, a Downey Woodpecker has an active nest low in the trunk of a willow on the north side of the wetland (behind and between two young pines).

Florence Sanchez

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