Audubon White-tailed Kite Watch Update

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Hello, everyone!

This is Mariah from Audubon Kite Watch!

What a lovely springtime-- after all of the overcast days, it's so nice to have blue skies and sunlight again.

Sorry I've been so poor at communication; it's been a hectic year. From now on, I will try my best to have a weekly update and kite watch time/locations.

I would love your help with this year's Kite Watch! Please feel welcome to join!

We meet on Monday evenings from 5:30PM-dusk and head to Natural Cafe (Hollister in Old Town Goleta) afterwards. We have many active kite sites (see below): More Mesa and Ellwood Central/East have weekly volunteer groups and the less-active sites have rotating volunteer groups. Please feel free to stop by More Mesa or Ellwood Central/East; if you would like to join up with the other groups, please email me for the dates that they will be out there.

As of now, we have over 16 volunteers who meet weekly at Goleta sites. Most are biology-focused SBCC and UCSB students; we have a friendly, passionate group of people! If you are free on Monday evenings, we would love your help and company. As most of the volunteers are new to birding, we are particularly in need of birding mentors and weekly volunteers.

GOLETA WTK STATUS as of 1 May 2012:
Maps provided by Mark Holmgren.
Monday was quite overcast and very slow.

Isla Vista (Red Barn): No kites seen on site. 2 kites seen flying overhead towards Coal Oil Point Reserve. (Map:

Coal Oil Point Reserve: Established pair (prey exchange) at faculty housing. Pair frequents 3 trees; volunteer suspects a potential nest nearby. (Map:

Winchester Canyon: No kites seen.

Ellwood West: 1 kite seen foraging from Ellwood East. No confirmed prey captures. (Map:
Ellwood Central and East: 2 kites with confirmed territories, one in Central West, one in Central East. Possible 3rd kite in Central East. Possible breeding behavior, very uncertain: 2-3 prey captures at Central East, each followed by direct flight into eucalyptus grove. 1st time seeing this behavior. (Map:

More Mesa: 1 confirmed pair on East Side: 3 prey strikes with no confirmed capture. 2 birds on West Side: 1 confirmed prey capture, no prey exchange. Each side had a crow encounter. 4 confirmed birds on More Mesa total, possible 5 total birds. Volunteer group enter on Patterson side.

Feel free to call me any time at (916)479-2503 or email me at audubonkite@....


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