Farren Rd. Purple Martins

Noah <skater_ako1@...>


Today I walked Farren Rd after work. The pollen was bad but the birds were good. I parked at the top of the first hill and birded till next hill past the reservoir  Seeing 3 Purple Martins was a surprise. I saw the same female 3x near the reservoir.  Other good birds include. 
Blue Grosbeak. 2 females
Lazuli Bunting. M and F
Grasshopper Sparrow. 1 heard
Hooded Oriole. M and F
Black-headed Grosbeak. 1 male singing. 
Lark Sparrow: 4
Western Kingbird. 4
Warbling Vireo: 4

Thanks Nancy for posting on this great spot. 

Noah Gaines

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