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If this is the same bird I saw on Sunday, it is a freak Ring-billed Gull
(with a slight possibility of a RBGU x FRGU or LAGU hybrid). I saw it on
Sunday. It's a 2W bird with an all dark bill and dark green legs, with head
streaking and seeming a very pale gray wash on the base of the neck, upper
breast sides and flanks. I saw on the beach just W of the pier and then in
the parking lot by the mouth of the slough. Due to travel I was unable to
write this up earlier in the week. I also had an adult Peregrine in the Eucs
but the heronry (the reason for my visit) appeared unoccupied. There was an
oiled Red-throated Loon in the mouth of the slough and 20 Royal Terns on the

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Hi birders! Just got a message on my machine from Jim Greaves who was at
Goleta Beach at the time (8:30 a.m. today) saying he had a small, all-dark
billed gull w/ a gray mantle & some head streaking flying around. He
didn't make too clear to me where he was at Goleta Beach, presumably out
towards the east end of the parking lot. Anyway, just wanted to pass this
along to any of you who might want to go see what he's talking about . . .
Thanks, Joan

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