Saturday birds

Lethaby, Nick <nlethaby@...>


On Saturday, a duck-feeding trip to Lake Los Carneros produced the 2 Ross's
Geese and the 2 Blue-winged Teal but no gulls of interest (just 3 Mew
Gulls). While waiting in the Kmart parking lot at Storke/Hollister and
checking the Turkey Vultures, I got great looks at the adult Zone-tailed
Hawk flying overhead at 12.20. In the afternoon, I checked the ducks at the
UCSB overlook on Mesa. The male Eurasian Teal was still present as was a
male Eurasian Wigeon. About 20-25 each of Cinnamon, Green-winged Teal and
Ring-necked Duck were there.


Nick Lethaby
DSP BIOS Product Manager
Texas Instruments
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