Elings Park Brewer's Sparrow

Peter Gaede

Hi all:

A BREWER'S SPARROW was in a small flock of birds feeding in the fennel on top of Elings Park this morning. The fennel growing on the hill is more extensive and spread out this year, so there is more habitat but less of a concentrating effect. The flock today was feeding in the fennel patches east of the bike jump. There are several ways to access this area in general, but I prefer parking at the end of Calle Montilla and walking southwest up to the top of the hill. Also present were 2 Laz Buntings and 3 Blue-gray Gnatcatchers. Several raptors flew over the park, including an Osprey, a Northern Harrier (ad male), and 3 Cooper's Hawks (soaring together, all juvs).

Peter Gaede
Santa Barbara

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