Weekend birds

Lethaby, Nick <nlethaby@...>

Birded around the Golf course/driving range along Storke and at Devereux
Slough both days. Sunday had all the birds I saw Saturday so I will just
talk about Sunday. The Canada Goose flock frequenting the Golf course and
driving range has 7 White-fronted Geese and an adult Snow Goose. These have
been around some time. There were 4 Cattle Egrets on the driving range on
Sunday and at least 1 this morning. This is the first time I've seen these
birds there, so they must be erratic. Whenever it rains there are lots of
gulls on the driving range - mostly Mew Gulls, but sometimes with
Bonaparte's. Since Black-headed Gulls like wet fields, it's worth checking
for this bird although I have had no luck. Deveruex Slough had a few Gulls,
including 7 Bonarparte's and 80 Forster's Terns. Also 19 Green-winged Teal.

Best birds were 2 Vesper Sparrows on Sunday along the back the housing
complex between the slough and the driving range.

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