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I saw this same bird yesterday too. I feel quite sure it is just a pale
Say's Phoebe although I definitely looked twice at it because it was
somewhat unusual. It was 400-600 yards past the resevoir up the hill and
round the bend. One Lewis's Woodpecker still present.

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About midday today, I searched for the reported Eastern Phoebe at Farren Rd.
North of the reservoir, I think less than 100 yards, and on the west side of
the road, was a flycatcher on the east-west fence line that was a little
different. My guess is that it was a very pale Say's Phoebe. It had an
orangy color on the undertail coverts, belly, and wing linings, but was
rather whitish on the breast and throat. The tail was dark, but not as dark
as I'm used to seeing on Say's. When the bird flew, it was quite clear that
the flight feathers were very pale, contrasting with the peachy wing
linings. The pattern looked just like a Say's Phoebe, but the color was just
a bit off. The bird at first glance looked something like an Eastern Phoebe,
especially since the color on the belly and undertail wasn't obvious is
certain light. I also thought it looked a little longer tailed than Say's
should, but I wouldn't swear by this. I don't know if this was the bird
reported as an Eastern, but in any case I could not find an Eastern Phoebe
in the area. I'd be interested in hearing anyone's opinion on this bird if
they see it.

Dave Compton

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