Valley Birds

Marge and Don Thornton

Marge had a few hours off work this morning so we took a brief tour in the Santa Ynez Valley. At the 154 crossing of the Santa Ynez River, we found 6 Ring-necked Ducks,5 Bufflehead, a female Canvasback and a female Common Goldeneye. I was almost certain that I had a Wood Duck, but he ran under the bridge so fast that my camera only caught his footsteps. Then we were shooed off the bridge by the CHP.
On Armour Ranch Road we watched a big (maybe 30-40) birds for quite a while before we figured out that they were mostly American Pipits. We did find one Horned Lark.
On Baseline, the Vermillion Flycatcher came out to greet us and put on a show. His mate also put in an appearance.
Happy Canyon Road was not too birdy, but there was a Loggerhead Shrike at the Armour Ranch Road intersection.

Marge and Don Thornton
Goleta, Ca

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