Re: report Friday Morning

Rebecca Fagan Coulter <impact2@...>

Hi Joan,
Four gallons of sugar water! I hope you have stock in C&H. I didn't see any
Costa's when I hiked Aliso Loop on Friday--now I know where they've gone. I had
a lovely hike early Friday morning. It was very quiet birdwise, but the day
was perfect--cool, slight cloud cover, no crowds. I'm really growing fond of
that trail!

G&B and Chris and I birded at McGrath State Beach yesterday. According to Guy,
it was a little slow, but as far as I was concerned, it was great. No Baird's
or Stilt (which have been seen recently), but did have Semi-palmated Sandpiper.
Beautiful looks at White-faced Ibis in the sunlight, good tern i.d. session
(Elegant, Forster's, Common, Caspian), lots of the usual shorebirds.

I'll have to get out to Devereaux one of these afternoons.

JHcynwren@... wrote:

There were 10 Least Terns (1 juv.) on the beach just west of the "Dune
Pond" which is just west of Devereaux. There were also 25 Snowy Plovers in
the dry sand.
There are 100+ hummingbirds at our house inc. Anna's, Costa's,
Black-chinned and Selasphorus. Less than 10% are adult males. They consume
4 gallons of sugar water per day.
Joan Hardie

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