Lerps on Atasc. Crk.

Joan E. Lentz <jelentz@...>

Hi All: This a.m. (Oct. 15) along Atascadero Crk., there were many, many
birds at the lerp-infested patch of eucalyptus on the so. side of the creek
just east of where Walnut Av. intersects the bikepath along the creek (in
So, just in case any of you don't know that there's a huge Lemon Festival
at Lake Los Carneros (bad for warbler watching!), & you want your "lerp"
fix, I was amazed at the numbers of Bushtits, and warblers (mostly
Yellow-rumps, but MANY of them) in this area. The spot is about 100 yds.
east of where Walnut comes in. Walk along & view the patch of eucs. across
the creek. Also, many Lincoln's, Song & White-crowneds in the creek there,
birds bathing, etc. I know that someone w/ sharper eyes could've found
some goodies! Joan Lentz

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