7/25 SM River mouth

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While checking out the shorebird situation at the Santa Maria River
estuary this morning, I had a single juvenile Baird's Sandpiper. It was
on the mud at the southeast end nearer the parking lot. One of the
Semipalmated Plovers was still rather agitated when heading in that
area. I happened to spot one of the recent fledglings along the waters
edge. It is noticeably darker than the Snowy Plover chicks running
around out there. Didn't get too close to the activity there so I don't
know if there are more around.

Mid-way into the estuary I found one juvenile Semipalmated Sandpiper
(pretty sure) amongst the Leasts and Westerns. Short billed, no black
chevrons on the neck breast. scaly pattern to the upperparts. It was a
little brighter than some juvies I've seen. Recently fledged Least Terns
(2) being fed by parent birds. Up to five Ruddy Turnstones out there

Jamie Chavez
Santa Maria

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