Central Coast Birding Trail

Gene Lynch <grlynch@...>

Congratulations to Jamie Chavez for creating the Santa Barbara County
Birding Group.

As reports of migrating birds begin to filter in from local hotspots
it's a good time to start thinking about forming a team to participate
in the Central Coast Birding Rally which highlights birding sites along
the Central Coast Birding Trail.
The Rally is the weekend of October 15-17, 1999. Remember, all Rally
events are absolutely free to participants and sponsors. Check out the
Rally webpage for all the details.

There are two categories of competition, and ,for those who don't want
to compete on a birding team, the Rally could use volunteers for
staffing the checkpoints during the competition and for helping with the
picnic. For monitoring the checkpoints call Eldora Barton, 736-2684, and
for the picnic call Patsy Warwick, 688-8733.
It's not too soon to register!

Gene Lynch, President
La Purisima AS

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