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David Levasheff

I had 40 Scaup at Mission Creek outfall at noon today. 

David Levasheff
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Well, I hate to steal her thunder, but Liz Muraoka just texted me that the Tufted Duck is back at Rancho Goleta, along with 39 Redheads. Apparently, I misunderstood an earlier text, and there are a lot of scaup at nearby Atascadero Creek today. So false alarm on missing Aythyas.

Dave C.
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A handful of birders were at Ocean Meadows GC this morning looking for the continuing rarities.

Tom Benson refound both the CLAY-COLORED SPARROW (usual area) and the LUCY'S WARBLER (north end of Whitman in a pear tree). Zephan Bornfreund refound the VERMILION FLYCATCHER. As far as I know, no one saw Grace's, Baltimore, or the Tropical Kingbird.

Later, Zephan, Holly Keefe, and I drove over to check out the UCSB lagoon. We found the male EURASIAN WIGEON in the western part of the lagoon. However, we checked all parts of the lagoon and could find NO Aythya species whatsoever. So, with the Tufted Duck, the Goleta scaup flock, and possibly the local Redheads all absent from Rancho Goleta and Atascadero Creek, these birds appear to be AWOL. I supposed they, or some of them, could've joined the scaup flock at Lauro Reservoir. I also wonder if they could've flown over to Lake Los Carneros, which tends to hold a lot of waterfowl when other, usual options are dry.

Dave Compton
Santa Barbara

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