Re: Caracara over Santa Barbara

David Levasheff

I was eating lunch at my house when my wife an I both noted something silent glided over our unit and distinctly blotted out the sun momentarily. Never have seen anything like it in 12years here even with all the Red-tails about. 

David Levasheff
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Birds have wings for a reason!

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About 1140am (July 13) I went outside to see what a perched imm cooper's hawk was calling about. Circling high (150-200') was what appeared to be an adult crested caracara. The body was black (not brownish) and I saw some red on the head. White areas on the wings. I did not get a very good look but don' know what else it would be. By the time I got my binocs, it was still very high flying NE towards downtown -- I live just S of Earl Warren Showgrounds.

Don Schroeder

Santa Barbara

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