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David Levasheff

Summer Tanager present this AM. Jeff, Adrian &ingot good looks and pics. 

David Levasheff
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Subject: Male Summer Tanager - Ennisbrook Trail (Montecito) this morning
Went for what I thought would be an uneventful walk on Ennisbrook Nature Trail this morning. Was excited to hear the pitick call of a male Summer Tanager just minutes before it started to rain (about 11 am). At first I wasn't sure what I was hearing and then saw a bright red bird fly through the trees. Luckily it came back and spent a long time perched on either side of the trail and I got great long looks at this beauty. Brilliant red all over and a large light-colored bill. This is definitely the best look I've ever had, but unfortunately didn't have my camera. I plan to go back and try to photograph him soon. If you take the main portion of the trail until it comes to a fork with a sign, take the right fork which immediately goes down hill and crosses a narrow creek bed. Walk for a few minutes until you come to a slight clearing with a large Sycamore on the right. This is just before the trail curves back to the left to join the main straight part of the trail.

Also saw a Varied Thrush on the lower part of the trail and as well as heard many of the more common birds singing up a storm.

Libby Patten

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