Quiota Creek

Phila Rogers

Dear Friends:

Partly in response to Steve Gaulin's post yesterday, I, too, yesterday heard Steller's Jays calling at the bottom of Figueroa Mountain near the first cattle guard.  I normally hear the bird up much higher.

Most of our birding morning was spent along Quitoa Creek which more or less parallels Refugio Road.  How delightful to find a creek with running water.  The birds seemed to think so too as Warbling Vireos sung on both sides of the stream.

The bird of the morning had to be the House Wren, whose bubbling song we heard at each stop.

A "Johnny Apple seed" appears to be it work in the area as we saw recent plantings of white alders, western sycamores, and big-leaved maples.  Clumps of native needle grass with their graceful seeding tops and an abundance of poppies at roadside also suggested someone's benevolent hand.

Phila Rogers 

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