Re: Common birds; unusual behaviors

Phila Rogers

Dear Birders:

I wrote directly to the sender that I had also witnessed a Scrub Jay attack and kill a songbird.  It was a mature male junco during the winter, so feeding nestlings was not the reason.  The hapless junco was not even in the area of the feeder.  The jay had attacked the smaller bird in what appeared to be a "fit of pique." 

But what was even more memorable was witnessing the "courtship fall" of a pair of White-throated Swifts.  Hearing the familiar twittering, I saw a pair fall together feet away from where I was sitting.  They separated only feet above the ground below them.  I was utterly stunned, and it wasn't until I read about what I had witnessed as being "The Courtship Fall"  that I believed what I had seen.

Phila Rogers

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